Spelling City

Wow! What an awesome site! Thanks to my PT Friends, I had the best time teaching spelling today.

Spelling City makes studying for your spelling test fun!

All because of Spelling City! We played the site's version of Hangman and OMG, I am sure the office; which is right across from us, must have thought we were having a party. There were so many cheers! It was hard to control my giddiness over their excitement. One of my kiddos kept saying the letter j for each attempt. Another kiddo piped up and said, "We're practicing our spelling words not how to spell your name! There are no Js in our words.". This came from a kid who struggles every week!

What a great site. If you haven't tried click on the image above. Your kids may have the same reaction.

What are your must haves websites to keep students engaged? I'd love to find more hidden treasures!

Happy Teaching and Learning! 

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  1. Hi Mrs. Parker, Can you email me? saoudc@duvalschools.org

    Cheryl Primary Graffiti

  2. I just discovered this website a few minutes before reading your blog... I might have yelled just as loud as your kiddos :)


  3. hi, could you please re add me to your blog? i don't see it on my dashboard for blogs? i have joined weeks back. thanks, fran in nc


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