Sunday, February 10, 2013

Common Core Standards Kit

Pacing and planning the Common Core has been a focus of our Kindergarten team.  We meet weekly to discuss the CC and how it affects our teaching practices.  Our goal is to ensure that our students are taught and master the Common Core standards.  It is a large task especially if you do not have "a district" that provides you with a curriculum map, pacing guides, or "chunking" of the standards.  Actually, it is a blessing in disguise.  It has led us to have some great discussions about the meaning behind the standards.

Recently, I have had the opportunity to explore using the Common Core Standards Kit made by Carson Dellosa. This is a fantastic resource! The kit comes with both the math and reading standards all in one box.   The cards fit perfectly into a small pocket chart like this one.

My favorite part about these cards are the "I can" statements.  I love them because it makes understanding the standards comprehensible.

Here are some examples.  

Now, read the Friendly Common Core Standards on the reverse.  Isn't it much clearer?  

I like how this version can be shared with children and parents.  It will make understanding the standards easier for us all.  

Would you like to have a set of your own?  Currently, Carson-Dellosa has these kits available from k-5.   Enter below.  

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To read more about planning for the Common Core, go here.

Happy Teaching.
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  1. Wow!! I love how those cards are double sided!!!!

  2. Learning Common Core is quite a feat. I, along with another teacher, am writing units of study for my district based on CCSS. One thing that has been a huge help to me is looking at the standards vertically. For the younger grades, it gives you an idea of where that standard is going and for the older grades it is great to see where they are going but more importantly what the standards look like at younger grades. Like for instance, the kindergarten standard about naming the author and illustrator and define each role eventually leads to point of view. The link below has a quick guide to the standards vertically. Hope this is helpful.

    1. Thank you for the reply. We are also looking vertically to help us. Right now, some of our most lively discussions center around how to "grade" each standard and domain. Some are much more subjective such as collaborate with peers where as recognizing letters and sounds can be quantified and "tested." Do you have a report card in place? I would love to see it.

  3. The CCSS kits are amazing! I am definitely going to share this with my grade level team so we can add this to our spring orders!
    You have a wonderful blog and I am so happy that I found you!
    Excited to be a new follower!
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