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Hi Everyone!  I am so excited to be able to do a blog post for Mrs. Parker.  Like all of you, I {HEART} her blog:)  She has so many amazing ideas and it is a real privilege to be here!

As a former elementary school teacher and now a mommy of two little girls, I love seeing my girls learn.  Every day my girls ask me to do "school" and that just makes the teacher in me so happy!  Why do they LOVE school so much?  I think it because I try to make their learning experiences both hands-on and FUN.

There are two teaching tools that I use all the time with my girls.  They can be adapted to any age group and it really makes learning anything so much more exciting!

#1-Magnets and an Oil Pan
I am OBSESSED with magnets!  I put magnets on just about everything because the girls love it and it makes learning more interactive.

If you take a look at the pictures below, you will notice my oil pan, which was a pinterest find.  This oil pan cost around $10 and has been a great way to help my girls learn.  Get an oil pan and a bunch of magnets and you have a GREAT teaching tool!  If you don't want a big oil pan, we have also used a cookie sheet, which you can see in the large picture on the left.


#2 Play Dough
Play Dough is SO easy to make and it can be used for so many different educational activities.  We make play dough about once a month and here is a super easy recipe:
* 2 cups flower 
* 2 cups warm water 
* 2 Tbsp. cooking oil 
* 1 Tbsp. cream of tartar
* 1 cup salt
* food coloring
* spices

Mix the water and the food coloring together.  Add the other ingredients to a pan and mix in water.  Cook on medium to high heat and stir until play dough thickens and forms into a ball.  Kneed for a couple of minutes.  That's it!  You can store it in a plastic bag or container and it will last a very long time.

We use play dough to make sight words, word families, names, math manipulatives and so much more.  The possibilities are endless! Photobucket  

Teaching our children and/or students should be fun and exciting!  I think we all learn a bit more when we enjoy the journey!  

Thank you so much for reading this post!  Mrs. Parker....thank you for having me on your AWESOME blog!!
  The Moffatt Girls

Thanks, Annie for sharing such practical ideas and tips.  Both of these items are must haves in my classroom and home.  I make magic play dough on the first day of school and all year long.   I love magnets!  Here's a picture to show you just how many I may have.
Please visit Annie's blog if you have not done so.  She offers great lessons on how to teach early readers and chronicles her homeschooling journey.  Aren't they beautiful?!


  1. I was so honored to be a guest on your awesome blog, Mrs. Parker!! Oh...and I will be checking out that "magic" play dough:)

  2. Your children are gorgeous! And how much fun are magnets and PlayDoh? Right on . . . thanks for sharing.



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