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Hi everyone! I am Jennifer from First Grade Blue SKies!
I am so happy to be guest blogging today for Mrs Parker!
As we head into another school year, we are all busy planning things for those first few days of school.  I have blogged about this book before, but I cannot stress to you how much I love it and how much my students do, too!
Anyways, it is a hilarious book about a naughty little brother, Sam, who adds (gross) "things" to the sandwich he is "kindly" making his sister, Samantha. This is one of a series of funny books, and they are styled so that the kids have to guess what he has put in there by the rhyme, and then you fold it out- and there it is!  At the end it makes a big sandwich!  There is a rhythm to the book and the kids *love* it!  I heard it for the first time from my college reading teacher (she'd bring a children's book each time we met for class) I've read it so many times, I know it by heart (I have read it the first day of every year I have taught..)  It sort of breaks the ice and lets the kids know they shouldn't be scared and that I can be fun =)  They remember it all year, repeatedly beg to hear it again and again--no matter what the age!   Just in case you get or have the book, I decided to revise an old freebie and do a bit more with it...hope you love it!
Click here or on the picture to get your freebie!
(graphics are by Melonheadz and Graphics Factory)

 Here is a door display I did one year, where the kids wrote what "special" ingredient they would add to the sandwich!  
SO much fun when I then added plastic bugs to complete the decor!!

Thank you so much, Mrs. Parker, for letting me guest post here!
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Thanks, Jennifer for sharing this story, freebie and bulletin board display with us. I purchased this book last time she blogged about it and my son loved it. It is must have in your book collection.


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