Halloween Freebie

In ELD, we are working on describing words.  With Halloween looming, it seemed fitting to describe our Halloween costumes.  I created this graphic organizer to help my students.  Afterwards, we will write about it.   Click on image for your copy.

I won the graphics from Krista Wallden who sells on TPT her Creative Clips Digital Clipart.
With a new textbook adoption, I feel like I haven't gotten to enough of the "fun" stuff lately.  Am I the only one?

Hope you survive the week.  It will be a busy one.

Happy Teaching!


  1. I so agree with you about not doing and "fun" stuff. My district just started treasures this year too. It is taking forever to get it running smoothly! I hope I can use this - I am in New York and they just cancelled school for two days due to the storm!


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