Red Ribbon Week

Next week is Red Ribbon Week at my school.  This year's theme is The Best Me is Drug Free.

With limited funds, we had to get creative about promoting this healthy lifestyle without the ability to purchase expensive bracelets or ribbons.  So, I created these simple bookmarks that could also be used as ribbons by our school's teachers just by laminating them for durability.  They are in English and Spanish.  Click on the image for your copy.

Does your school participate in Red Ribbon Week?  Have you created a great bulletin board or door display? Share your ideas in the comment section.

Happy Teaching!


  1. Yay - SO excited to see another Red Ribbon Week post. I love the door decorating contest idea! The one year in the 12 I've been at my school that we tried it, I'm afraid I loved the idea more than the teachers . . . but it may be time to recycle it and try again! Our theme this year is Character Is Our Super Power since we combine RR week with Character Counts! Week. I just got back from our Red Ribbon Character Kick Off in the park. Such a glorious morning for an important event.

    Smiles from TX,


  2. Omg, the "iTune" drugs out board is amazing!!!

  3. I have been MIA and LOVE your new "look" plus this week will be red ribbon week at my school too and I cannot think of anything I like better than the itune out drugs door either. I want to win our door contest so badly. I hope you are well.

  4. Love the board with the baby pictures!

  5. We were supposed to have Red Ribbon Week this week, but since the bracelets our school ordered weren't in yet, they postponed it to next week! I love the door ideas! Teachers at my school don't really decorate their doors, but I think it's fun! And I love the ideas you have so far! You'll have to post a picture of what you came up with!!

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