Currently September

September!  It can't believe it's September.  Tomorrow is our first day of school and marks my 16th year of teaching.  Which is also hard to believe.  

I thought I'd join Oh Boy Fourth Grade Currently linky party.   

1.  LISTENING - All is quiet except for GMA on the television.  Enjoying the lasts moments of silence before our day begins in full swing.
2.  LOVING - Melonheadz.  I just made a few things to post in my classroom with her adorable clipart. 
3.  THINKING - That I hope I have everything ready for the first day of school.  I have a long to do list to accomplish today. 
4.  WANTING - I have many sick loved ones fighting cancer and other illnesses.  I am hoping that their bodies can heal.  It is a reminder that life is precious.
5.  NEEDING - I wish I loved cleaning but a domestic goddess I am not.  It is a bit messy but we are working on it.  Just not on the top of my priority list today.
6. 3 TRIPS - I want to go to Walt Disney World for our 10 year anniversary.  I've never been but this would make a great family trip.  We don't really get fall in CA so WI would be great to visit.  I don't like long flight but if I did, I'd go to Spain and Italy.  It would be a food adventure.  

Happy, September!


  1. I Love nikki too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I can't get enough!!! I am so, so sorry that you have family members who are ill. :( I lost an incredible family member last month to cancer. Let us know how we can be there for you!

  2. I hope you have a great first day and I will be praying for your loved ones!

    PAWSitively Teaching.

  3. Good luck with your first day of school! We started way early this year - tomorrow is the beginning of my fourth week. Sending you lots of good vibes :)

    Paiges of Learning

  4. I love the first days of school! I hope that it all goes well for you. As far as going to Spain/Italy...I spent my entire summer in Spain, and it was wonderful. I didn't want to come back...I hope that you get to go someday.

  5. Wow! Congratulations on your 16th year of teaching. The new schoolyear has started and I'm glad that your dedication in teaching remains! I wish that the 3 trips that you want will happen. Good luck!


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