Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites: Strategy 4 Games

As a kindergarten teacher, I am lucky to say that my students love games.  We love to play while we learn.  As well as, learn while we play.

In our classroom, we play variations of the same game like this CVC game.  Usually, I introduce it whole group and then it becomes a center activity.  My students never seem to tire of these games.

I thought that this chapter really did a great job as to why games are so important.  I think that games are not just for little kids. Older children can benefit from games, too.  I think that sometimes that is just forgotten.

Here are a few takeaways from this chapter.

I think the thing that I would like to try is cross grade partnerships.  I would like to partner with one class and encourage them to come and play with us at recess or even during part of our center time.  I think that this would help as to develop as Glasser stated a sense of "belonging and love."

Thank you, Queen of the First Grade Jungle for hosting. 

Let's keep playing! 


  1. Love your idea of pairing up with another class to play games! Such a great idea!! I have paired up my class with older grades for other lessons, but have never had them play games with my students. This might be a good way of having my kindergarten kids create a game which is something I took away from the chapter that I wanted to do! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!!


  2. I loved reading your post! I really like your idea of cross grade level game playing. What an awesome way to build collaboration and cooperative skills.


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