Happy Classroom Happy Teacher Giveaway

Happy Blogiversary to Learning with Mrs. Parker! Five years ago, I began this journey as a teacher blogger.  Each day, I am inspired and thankful for you!

 In honor of Back to School and my Blogiversary, I am hosting a

I have selected items that make for a Happy Classroom.  

I have successfully used HeidiSongs in my classroom for over a decade! Each year I am amazed how students respond to it; particularly my students who struggle. I love HeidiSongs Sounds Fun Phonics Combo and her Sight Word DVDs.  These catchy sight word songs are a staple in our Happy Classroom.

Have you heard? Heidi has created a new DVD for Classroom Management.

HeidiSongs has generously donated her new Classroom Management DVD to one of you!

SitSpots are one of my new teacher favorites.

To you, this may look like just a row of velcro dots.  To me this is a Happy Classroom management tool!  No more pushing and tattling about where/how to stand in line.

We use this row of dots to line up.  During calendar, the girls sit here while the boys sit behind them.  And, if you follow the dots all the way to the end, this is how we line up to get our things from our cubbies before it is time to go home or as we put away completed work.

SitSpots are also a teaching tool in our classroom. You can read about it here.

Joyce, a former kindergarten teacher, and creator of SitSpots has generously donated a $50.00 gift certificate to her shop.

Happy Classroom needs a great collection of books.

I am donating a $40.00 Amazon Gift Card to help you build your classroom library.

SheilaJane Teaching is all about the Happy Teacher.  In fact,  her website is dedicated to the well-being and health of a Happy Teacher. How cool is that! I am a proud member of her Teach Happy Community. Think of this community, as a network of teachers coming together to share their love and passion to all things related to teaching.  Her Members Only Section is filled with tidbits of goodies such as Lifestyle tips, past Periscopes and videos created just for us on topics like grading and prioritizing.

SheilaJane Teaching has generously donated membership to her Teach Happy Community.

Here is a recap of the Giveaway.  Enter from now until August 15th.

Lastly, here is a Happy Classroom Happy Teacher print to hang in your classrooms.

I hope you like it.  Again, thank you for reading, commenting and following me on other forms of social media.  This little blog means the world to me and I am so happy to have you here. 
Happy Teaching! 


  1. Love the idea of hanging a pocket chart under your big book stand doing in my room Monday!
    Awesome giveaway ---Fingers crossed I win!

  2. A happy classroom is one in which the teacher and students are happy to be together learning! It should be attractive and well stocked with lots of books to read.

  3. For me, happy kids who are having fun and engaged makes a happy classroom.


  4. A happy classroom is one where there is organization, all students are comfortable in their space, and a caring environment! My favorite happy teacher happy classroom moment is where everyone is laughing together! Love that feeling!

  5. A Happy is having fun and laughter while learning!

  6. A happy classroom is one where the kids are excited to come to school because it is fun and engaging!

  7. A classroom that is loaded with lots of great literature to share with students so they can enjoy listening to books read.

  8. Organization and lots and lots of books makes me a happy teacher!

  9. Definitely having tons of awesome books :)

  10. An organized classroom filled with age appropriate learning experiences makes me a happy teacher!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

  11. Where the classroom is an enjoyable place for the teacher and students!

  12. Happy Students! I think teachers and students are happy when they have an organized, engaging room!

  13. I think both teachers and students are happy when they have great communication and feel okay about sharing their questions, thoughts, ideas!


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