Thankful Turkeys

Instead of the traditional Thanksgiving card, my students will be taking home a Thankful Turkey to adorn their home.  Pinterest inspired, I love how cute they look.

Together, we brainstormed what we were thankful for.  Here is a typical sample.  (Is it ever to early to be thankful for presents?)  Afterwards, I assembled the feathers for them.
Click here for your copy.
If you grab a copy to use or tuck away for next year, leave a comment about what you are thankful for. Today, I am thankful that I survived our walking field trip. One more day until Thanksgiving break!

Happy Teaching and Learning!

Anchor Charts to Support Comprehension

Do you use anchor charts to support students understanding?

Here are a few charts to help support my students understand basic comprehension skills.  The key words are color coded so that the kids can make a connection between these words.

Be sure to include animals, people and diversity. 

We are putting these skills to practice during our read aloud time. It has also helped my speech students who have difficulty understanding the W words (who, what, when, and where).

Using familiar text will help students connect to these comprehension skills.

Happy Teaching and Learning!

Math in Pictures

I love how these stations can be a part of our math time for as long as necessary.  I change them as needed but many can be adapted.  How are your math stations going?  Any suggestions to make math even better?  Comment away.  I love to read them.

Happy Teaching and Learning!
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