Using Educreations in Kindergarten

This school year, I have been trying to integrate technology as a learning tool more often in the classroom. One way I have found is using Educreations.  Educreations is a free iPad app which becomes an interactive whiteboard.  It allows you to record, draw, add text and photos while creating your screencast.

Our textbook adoption has a weekly retell component that goes with our main text.  I have been using these cards to model how to retell the story.  First, we look at each card and practice what to say.  We do this several times. First of all, to help us memorize what to say and to help the 3/4s of my students who are learning English as a second language.  When the class is ready, we record ourselves using Educreations.    Finally, we hear our selves and watch our mini movie.

Here is a sample of our most recent retell.

The Bus For Us

You will notice that it is not perfect. At this time, you can not stop recording and fix mistakes. So, that is why memorizing what we are going to say is important. I will coach and prompt students as needed since the goal is to practice retelling.

Educreations is a powerful app that could be used in a variety of ways.  This week, I am going to have my students record themselves decomposing numbers.  Wish us luck!

Wondering if this is standards based?  This article does a great job of showing how it applies to Bloom's Taxonomy.

Happy Teaching!

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