Dental Health - A Collection of Resources and a Freebie

Are you looking for some resources to teach dental health to your little ones as well as address the Common Core Standards?  I have created a collection of resources that you can use anytime of the year. 

These books will be sure to get your little ones excited about talking about the dentist, their teeth, and the tooth fairy.

Show Me Your Smile
Moose's Loose Tooth
Why Do I Brush My Teeth?
Dr. De Soto
The Tooth Book
Never Take a Shark to the Dentist
Just Going to the Dentist
Brush, Brush, Brush
I Know Why I Brush My Teeth
What If You Had Animal Teeth?
The Night Before the Tooth Fairy
The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist

As an early primary teacher, wiggly teeth are a fact of life.  I like using this song to introduce subtraction. (I've had it so long, I can't remember the source.)

Here are few math activities to use in your classroom.
1. Help the Tooth Fairy Count Her Teeth by Can Do Kinders
2. Shark Teeth Addition by HeidiSongs
3. Subtraction Smiles by Mrs. Ehle's Kindergarten
4. Exploring Teeth with Dr. Seuss
5. Monster Teeth Subraction by HeidiSongs
6. Brushing Up on Teen Numbers Using QR Codes by me

The QR Code freebie works on decomposing teen numbers. I am using this as a progress monitoring assessment with my students.

Here is a sample page.

Hope you enjoy it.  

Happy Teaching!
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Five for Friday - Valentime's Edition

It was a busy and short week in our classroom!   I tried to cram in as much learning and crafting as I possibly could this week.  

Some of our required texts centered around frogs. I knew I wanted to do more. So, I read these two books; pictured below and compared fiction and nonfiction text.   We made these adorable Froggys and Frogilinas courtesy of First Grade Blue Skies.  I modified her templates due to time constraints and class needs.  

Thank you, First Grade Blue Skies for your creativity!

We spent a few days making our Parent Valentine's gifts.  Crayons and Whimsy shared this adorable idea of having the kids dress up as Valentines.  My class loved the poem and could recite it by the end of the week.  To compliment the outfit, I purchased the Valentine crowns from KinderAlphabet.

Here is the completed outfit.  As the class walked out, I knew it is these moments that makes teaching kindergarten worth it all.  Their smiles were unforgettable.  

Between testing, student illnesses and a sub, we had little time to make our own Valentine's bags.  Instead, I purchased gift bags; red for girls and teal for boys.  I wrote each child's name and put a photo of each child on the bag.  This helps my students find their friends' bag.  After all the cards were passed out, I stapled them shut and sent them home.  This way my students had a gift of their own to take home.  

One of our centers was building with Lincoln Logs.  As a child, this was one of my favorite toys.  I am amazed every year how fewer and fewer students know how to play with these.  Thankfully, I do think I may have a future engineer or architect.  She had never played with these but was able to create this on her own.

Finally, I am so excited to attend this conference.  I will only be able to attend on Saturday but I can't wait to learn from teachers who inspire and make me a better teacher.  Are you going?

Thanks Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting this weekly linky party.

Here's to a great weekend!  I have 2 more days! YEAH!

Happy Teaching!

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I Am A Pizza

I love creating lessons where I can teach yet let my kids be little.  So much of our day is filled with work that has to be done.  Therefore, when I am given the opportunity to create freely, I take advantage.  Last week, I created a series of lessons which went along with our reading series theme, food and menu writing.  I used I Am A Pizza as our focal point because who doesn't love pizza.  We were able to echo read from our song cards which helped with total engagement and participation.

Afterwards, I pretended to order a pizza but the students quickly noted that I got my order all wrong.  I forgot to tell the size and what kind of pizza I wanted.

Over the next two days, we made our menu together. (Please, ignore my misspelling of broccoli).  I created a sentence frame for them to use when ordering their pizzas.  I handed them phones so that they could place their orders.  They loved it! As I walked around the room, I could hear kids talking and see lots of happy children learning.

Finally, came the best part!

Using 24"x24" yellow and brown construction paper, I had prepped pizza wedges that I stapled at the top and cut a rounded neck.

Students recited their order and went to work making their pizza.

They had a blast making their pizzas and loved wearing them.  In fact, many wore them outside to play and as we marched out at the end of the day.  All in all, I think it was a successful lesson.

Happy Teaching!

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