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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It is days like today which makes teaching all worth it! Seeing the smiles on my students' faces make the long hours worth it!  I owe much of it to many of you who create the wonderful resources that fill my classroom.

My kids adored Fran's emergent reader and were so proud of themselves when they created their own little books.

Today, we enjoyed St. Patrick's Day centers.  Students made leprechaun boys and girls and wrote about what they would do if they found a pot of gold.  They spied CVC words and rolled real and nonsense words.  For math, they made a math book and searched for missing numbers. Lastly, we enjoyed some Shamrock milkshakes.

Here is a list of resources which I used:

In the midst of 1-1 testing, we accomplished so much!  I highly recommend each of these resources.  Download them now and you'll be set for next year.

Lastly, congratulations to Doreen!  You've won a classroom set of SitSpots!  Please reply within 48 hours to claim your prize.

Happy Teaching!

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Teach with Sit Spots

I love SitSpots!

SitSpots are traditionally used as a management system. They work perfectly for those of us who may not have a large area rug.  The SitSpots help kids know where to sit or stand.

When I first read about it them on Ms.M's blog, I was intrigued.  So, I ordered the sample.

When the free sample apple arrived, I used it to help my class know where to line up for recess.  This system has worked perfectly.  After months of use, the free SitSpot sample is still holding strong.

A few months later, I decided to purchase more SitSpots.  But this time, I had an idea.  I wanted the SitSpots to help support my teaching.  Often when reading blogs and browsing through Pinterest, I see many engaging lessons using the area rug.  Unfortunately, my classroom is not the size of a traditional kindergarten classroom.  With SitSpots, I am able to create similar lessons.

I purchased 5 red and 5 yellow SitSpots to mimic our red and yellow counters.  I use these to create addition sentences.  If I had had these in the beginning of the year, I would have used them to help with substizing and working with the five or ten frame.

But my favorite use for SitSpots is to support Phonological Awareness.

Using three SitSpots of the same color and two footprint spots, my students hop and blend phonemes to   produce words orally.  This system has worked wonders for my little ones who are struggling to hear and blend sounds into words.  First I give them a picture card found here.  Then, as a group, we review the sounds for each spot.  Finally, the child hops the sound for each spot and says the word when they hop onto the footprints.  I can immediately hear their errors if any and correct them.

My kids love this activity. They think we are playing a hopping game! They don't realize that they are learning. But truly they are as we are now able to apply this skill onto print.

Would you like to try SitSpots?  Joyce, a kindergarten teacher and the creator of SitSpots, has graciously offered to giveaway a classroom set of 30 SitSpots of your choice.  For more details, see below.

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This giveaway is only open to US residents only.  


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