How to Draw an Elf Directed Drawing

A few years ago, I began using guided drawing in my classroom.  Each month, I have my students draw an image related to our theme.  I was so honored this month when several teachers shared their students' work of Pilgrims and Native Americans because of a blog post I wrote a few years ago.  

This inspired me to share with you How to Draw an Elf; a Facebook fan freebie.  

I created a movie that you can use for yourself or use with your students.  
(The link above will also send you directly to the video.) 

Lastly, here are a few other Elf inspired books and resources that you might like to add to your collection. In my classroom, I like the read The Littlest Elf before our directed drawings.  I also love Harry Connick Jr.'s The Happy Elf; the music alone brings a smile.  

If you use this in your classroom, I would be so honored if you shared them with me.  You can connect with me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  

Happy Teaching!
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