STEM Resources for Little Builders

Are you trying to integrate more STEM into your classroom?  

Me, too!

I've gathered a collection of STEM resources for littles builders.  These are some of my favorite items for the classroom.

Our students are digital natives. We know that they are using technology in and out of the home. Why not give them the best technology has to offer! These tools will challenge your students in new ways. 

Bloxels allows you to create your own video game by creating your own character using the Bloxel blocks and the Bloxel Builder app. This game combines both physical building and interactive online play. 

I am excited to use Learning Resources Code & Go Robot during Hour of the Code.  This little bot is a perfect way to introduce coding to my students.  

PlayOsmo has been a classroom staple for a few years. The games allow for collaboration and increases in difficulty. Tangrams and Words are classroom favorites.

STEM is all about constructing and creating. That is what I love about it.  These engineering tools have endless possibilities and uses.

Snap Circuits are an oldie but goodie. It is great for someone who likes to discover how things work. 

If you are working on force and motion, a Marble Run is a must have tool.  

Brain Flakes, Squigz, ETI Construction Toys, and MagnaFormers are perfect for open ended building. These toys are fantastic for the engineers in our classroom. 

Lastly, don't forget everyday items like cardboard boxes, paper, and other recyclable household materials. They are great for many STEM related projects that your students might work on throughout the school year.  

What I love the most about all of these STEM resources for little builders is that they help students become creators and thinkers.  We all know that this is what our students need the most; opportunities to shine.

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Seems easy. But, sometimes it is hard.

When I began this blog six years ago, it was fun. It was carefree. It was easy.

But, then, it became complicated. 

I began to question myself. Is my content worthy? Do teachers like me? Am I good enough?

This in part is why I have blogged less and less.

But, I miss it. I miss sharing #thegood that is happening in my classroom. I miss having an outlet to tell my story with my students.

So, I've decided to tell #mystory.

This blog will be my outlet to share my teaching journey. It may not be picture perfect or Pinterest worthy but it will be real.

And, if you are still reading....Thank you!

Thank you for spending a bit of your time here. I hope that you find something that inspires you in some way because that is what you have done for me. I am a better teacher because you.  So, thank you!

One last thought....

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