My First Post

Thank you for spending a few minutes reading my blog. I was inspired by all the wonderful websites, blogs, and creative energy, I have read about and witnessed. As a teacher, there really is no such thing as "summer vacation." Although, I enjoy all the free time I have, it is not surprising that some of that free time has been devoted to thinking about improving my craft. I love teaching. I have taught since 1998; all in Title 1 schools. As a result, I've learned to be explicit, making learning engaging, and to see each person in the classroom as a learner; myself included.

I wish I could say that my classroom looks like the cover of a beautiful magazine. But the reality is, my classroom is an organized chaos. Like most of you, there are days when I just can't seem to find where I left the copy of my math assessments. I thought I had just placed it right here, only to find I moved them. I may not have everything in its place but I have thought a lot about my teaching and best practices.

In this blog I hope to share some of my favorites things about my craft. Enjoy.

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