Valentine Day crafts and ideas

It is hard to imagine that Valentine's Day is just around the corner!   

Here is what my class made last year.  It was a pretty easy craft.  We tissue papered the heart; just like I remembered doing in first grade.  This took about an hour. (We did this in 2 days.)  Afterwards, I spray mounted the hearts to large cardstock paper.  Next, I called a small group of kids at a time to stamp the letters.  After it dried, they added their names.  Viola an instant card and gift! 
I wish you could see her beautiful smile.  The photos were great!

This year, I am planning to do something a little different.  I am going to reuse some materials I discovered recently.  I love when classroom materials can have more than one purpose.
These are cards that I am using for brain breaks with some of my students. But as the kids used them, the outer frame came apart. Instead of throwing them away, I am going to use them as picture frames.

This is the photo of my son a kept at school when returning from maternity leave.  He turns four in May. 

Here is what it will look like completed.  I will take a photo of each student and them mount them to cardstock.  I'm going to add magnets so that it will hang from the fridge. 

Here is the bag we made to hold our cards.

Sorry for the grainy photo.  Really bad lighting.  But you get the idea!

Happy Teaching and Learning!

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