Soaring to New Heights - Learning Goals

As a teacher, we are probably by nature reflective types of individuals.  We tend to think about what went well, what could go better and what not to do the next time.  Many times, though, we may not share that reflection with others; especially the little ones we teach. I feel that it is important that my students begin to understand the importance of reflecting about their learning.

First, we analyzed our data results from ESGI.  

Basically, I explained that we wanted to fill up the pie with as much green as possible.  I had shared the results with the class prior to break and many students had seen their individual results during parent conferences. As you can see, there is room for improvement.  

Then, we talked about what it is like to set a goal. I gave them the analogy that many people want to loose weight.  What are some things to do to accomplish this goal?  My favorite answer; call 1-800-Get-Thin. I asked if eating at McDonald's would help meet the goal of loosing weight.  They all answered no.

My UP inspired door

Next, we read this gem.  As I read, I paused and stopped about the things Leo could do to meet his goal.  To help Leo learn to read, students said that Leo would need to practice or ask for help.  To become better at drawing, a child suggested that he trace over pictures from a book.  Towards the end, as Leo accomplished the goal, the kids began to smile and cheer for Leo.  They were so proud of him.  I couldn't help but to think how some of my students were like Leo; waiting for the right moment when they, too, will "bloom."

Finally, we discussed our learning goals.  I was amazed by their candor and honesty.  One student remarked how their learning goal was to write their name correctly.  This child was absolutely correct.  No more CAPITALS.  Another student said, "I need to practice my rhyming."  Ding. Ding. Ding.  Right again.  So, now, we begin our journey.  Together.  Working with one another to meet our goals.  Let's just hope that we all succeed.

By the way....just in case you were wondering. Here is my goal. 

Happy Teaching and Learning!


  1. You are an awesome teacher Sarah! I am sure you will reach your goal and I love how you had the students set goals and talk about what they could improve in.
    I am sure that they will too!

    I am thinking about paying for ESGI. I have used it before as a free trial. Our District doesn't use it officially, but I think it looks so valuable for me as a teacher. I am going to the N. Cali K Conference and I am hoping there will be a discount!

  2. Sylvia, this is awesome - thanks for the balloon idea! I can see a cute bulletin board in our future.

    You inspire me.



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