Engaging Books for Beginning Readers

Read Across America has sparked an awareness for some of my students that they have become readers.  It is amazing to see my students so engaged in a book.  They are so proud of their accomplishments and so am I!

As a teacher of beginning readers,  I am always looking for books that will "hook" my students to want to read.  I really believe in the reading theory that more students read for pleasure, the more successful they will become later.  I also realize, that I can help my students make good choices during their reading time by exposing them to literature which is high interest but "easy" enough for them to read; meaning there is an abundance of sight words or pattern in the text.

Here are a few books that our in my Teacher Favorites book basket.

Have you read this book? It is great for inferencing. Funny and witty.
The point of view from the illustrations are wonderful!

I love the Cat the Cat series by Mo Willems!
The repetitive text is perfect for many of my students.

In an age of technology, this book engages you as a reader.
It's magical in the most simplest of ways.

What books are your kids excited about?  

Happy Reading!

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  1. My kids love PressHere. It is checked out every time we go to the library.Of course, we like Pete the Cat, and anything by Eric Carle.

  2. My kids love "Rhyming Dust Bunnies!"

  3. I'm going to have to check out the cat the cat books. My kids are obsessed with Mo Willems. They are all about the pigeon and Elephant and Piggie. I've been so proud at how well they are readign these books. I'm going to have to get Press Here. I've read about it on several blogs.

  4. Those look great! I can't wait for the next Pete the Cat book to come out (not really student- independent reading, but I am still excited!)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  5. I love Press Here, too. So genius!

    And, of course, anything by Mo Willems is FAB*U*LOUS!



  6. Yes, I love anything by Mo Willems for beginning readers! Captivating stories and pictures!

  7. I am really excited to be your newest follower! Congratulations on having so many! I am really interested in learning more about your looping experiences. I teach am a co-teacher and always consider looping with my group. I just started a blog and it is really in the beginning stages, but I would love for you to stop by and offer suggestions!


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