Planning for my Classroom

Summer is winding down. Usually, that means heading into the classroom getting my room ready. This year, it means waiting for my room to be repaired, painted, and cleaned. Right now, all of my teaching wordily possessions are in storage. I am trying not get stressed about it; but I am stressed about it all.

So, instead, I have been working on a few classroom projects at home.

I made a classroom wreath from these items. Most can be found at your local craft store. All, I did was wrap the burlap ribbon around and used florist greening pins to hold the flowers in place. I hope to change the flowers out seasonally.

Here is how it looks now.

I made these adorable postcards to send home to my students. I love the owl's expression.
Click on image for yours.
I've also been creating items to use in my classroom. I am trying to use less ink so I am getting creative with scrapbook paper to add a pop of color. You can find these at my Teacher's Notebook shop. Most items are on sale for around $1.

School doesn't officially start until the last week of August. Until then, I will be mentally planning my classroom's layout and preparing for the new year at home. I really can't wait until I can start unpacking and decorating. Then, it will really feel like Back To School; the most wonderful time of the year!

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