The Joy of Teaching

What keeps you passionate about teaching?  This thought has been on my mind a lot lately.  I love teaching. Yet, with 5 more weeks to go, I can think of nothing better than summer vacation.

And, then, this happens.  

Those little moments in the classroom when you know, this is why you go in early and plan for hours on the weekend.

Playing School
reading in kindergarten

Three of my kiddos had pulled up their chairs and selected a "just right" Bob Book to read.  I was so proud of them because learning how to read has been a challenge for them.  Yet, they did not give up.  They rose to the challenge.

Changing the World
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What keeps you going?

From my classroom to yours,
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  1. Break through moments just like the one you told about keep me going and hugs, can not do well without the hugs.

  2. I love this time of year with the kids! They have come so far! They know the rules and routines and are superstars! I love singing with my kids. We have an end of the year program coming up and they are all so happy when they sing. It is awesome.

  3. Love your post. I love it when I see my students working hard! :)

  4. Just the perfect post to end my last week of school! Thank you!


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