Activities for Fine Motor Skills

I have compiled a list of supplies and activities which foster fine motor development.  Although, it may look like just child's play; in fact, it is the opposite.  This is all very serious work that young learners need.  As teachers, we have the challenge to embed these activities within our rigorous academic programs.

Lastly, here is a cutting activity that I use the first week of school with my students.  In my class, we think of our scissors as a car and we must stay on the road while cutting.  Click below to learn more.

Happy Teaching!
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  1. That is so cute for Pre-K or Kinder! This can also be review for first graders especially in low income school where kids didn't attend pre-school and don't do arts/crafts at home. Thanks for sharing!

    Rambling About Reading

  2. I tell my kids the same thing- the scissors are the car and the lines are the road! I remind them to drive carefully and not go off the road( and don't speed!) lol


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