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This year, my school has decided to embark on a new endeavor.  We are focusing on using the PBIS model to help us improve student behavior.  What makes PBIS different from other behavior models is that it focuses on positive behavior.

As a school, we came up with some school wide expectations.

Children are "rewarded" with a "dollar" for following our expectations.  Students turn in their dollars and are entered into our weekly raffle where they receive a congratulations from our administrator and a small prize.  As a PBIS team, we have discussed that in the future, we hope that earning the "dollar" will be enough.  But, we also realize that this is something new and that for some children a prize may help them buy into changing their behavior.

Surprisingly, there have been a few good things that have come from implementing the PBIS model.  A talented teacher created a PBIS song that I hear kids singing.  Our discipline referrals are down and our school is working towards accentuating the positive.

We still have much to learn. Share your thoughts if  you are teaching or working at a PBIS school?

Happy Teaching!
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    1. Ok, let me try that again. PBIS is Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support see more Our school has been doing this for about 5 years. My school name is Lincoln and our school wide expectations are called ABE's Way. It has been amazing to see kids Act Responsibly, Be Respectful and Encourage Excellence (ABE). They earn Abe's Way tickets when caught following Abe's Way. We do weekly grade level drawings of the tickets that have been earned, the kids have their picture taken as Abe Lincoln and that goes up on a bulletin board, their name is announced over the loud speaker at the end of the day on Friday and the parents receive an email from the principal congratulating the child on being the Abe's way winner. We also have goals throughout the year of a certain amount of tickets being earned by the entire student body and then we have a school wide type activity. It has been a very successful program at our school.

  2. My school also has the PBIS system, it is amazing!! We have SAM tickets - Solve problems, Always show respect, Make good choices. My PBIS team has a store (small items students can purchase with "tickets") and activities the students can buy enterance into with tickets ( Wii dance party, end of summer party, halloween mask decorating). Its really a great system that has changed my students behavior. Its also amazing the amount of reteach thats not needed year to year when expectations are the same school wide.

  3. Your expectations sign caught my eye...because it is exactly the same as the school 'rules' we established for this school year in my building! Three broad expectations that should be easy to attain for all students. We are not a PBIS system school, but it sounds like it is something that all schools should be working on!

  4. This is a great idea for postive reinforcement! We're trying the classroom economy concept this year and so far it's working out! You have a great blog! I just became a follower! I am hosting a Jan Brett book giveaway on my blog. Check it out...

    Michelle Berg/Little Nippers


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