Beginning Reader Nonfiction Books

I am so excited to be joining Mrs. Jump's Class book link party. I love books and am always on the look out for new ones.

Since the Common Core has a heavy focus on informational text, I thought I would share with you my favorite nonfiction books; Pebble Books or Pebble Plus Books.  Our school library has many of these beginning reader nonfiction books but recently I have begun purchasing more for my classroom library.

Although there are many nonfiction series, I like this one the best.  The text is easy to read for end of the year kindergarteners and first grade students.  I love that my students can not only enjoy the photographs but feel proud of themselves for being able to read the text.

Currently, Scholastic has some of these books for sale.  Just type on their search engine to see their selection.  I have purchase most via Amazon.  I assure you, once you start purchasing this series and see your kids reading them, I am sure you'll want more.

Happy Reading!
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  1. I have to check these out! I have been looking for nonfiction texts that are a bit easier for struggling readers but still have a high interest level and these look perfect.

    Love to Learn

  2. Yes, it can be challenging to find informational text at early primary reading levels. Thanks for sharing. Smiles and stop by anytime!

  3. I love introducing non-fiction books to my class. These books are great!
    ✿Tiffani Time 4 Kindergarten

  4. Thank you so much for your post on these books! My grade level team (2nd grade) has been looking for books like this all year in order to complete some of our district required CCSS research assignments.


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