The Pout Pout Fish Goes To School

I love picture books and The Pout Pout Fish is a popular book in our classroom.  My class loves the repetitive nature of the book and of course, the ending.  SMOOOCH!

When I saw The Pout Pout Fish Goes to School, I knew it would be is perfect addition to our collection.

In this book, Mr. Fish goes off to school only to find that he feels out of place.  He thinks that he's not smart enough.  Or will never get it.  This leads him to feel that he doesn't belong and should forget about it.   BLUB.

Familiar readers of the Pout Pout Fish series will understand Mr. Fish's feelings of BLUB.

Thankfully, Mr. Fish meets Miss Hewitt who shows him that he does belong and that he is smart.  He just didn't know it.

For activities to go with The Pout Pout fish books, go here.

Happy Reading!
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