Computers in Kindergarten

Classrooms around the country are becoming 1-1 classrooms.  My classroom is no different.

To prepare, I took a course on Blended Learning.  Honestly, I was skeptical.  I could not envision my students nor I using the computer with them on a regular basis.  Although, the course was aimed at older grades, it gave me the knowledge I needed to integrate, set up, and use computers in my class.

We've been using Chromebooks regularly in our classroom since mid-October.  The first few weeks were not easy.  I had to rethink my teaching, how I ran my small group instruction and teach my students the basics of using a computer such as logging in.

I decided to use the rotation model as a way to integrate computers into our school day.

The last half of our day is dedicated to small group learning.  During math time, students work independently on the computer or work with a partner at math centers.  The next day, we switch.

Computer time is embedded within our literacy centers.  While on the computer, they are using web based tools such as iReady, IXL, and Moby Max.  These programs monitor their progress and adapt as needed.

Although, I am 1-1, I rarely have all the students on the computer at the same time.  I would rather they are working on age appropriate skills using more traditional methods.

I think that it is important that my students have the opportunity to learn independently but to also work with others in a social setting.  I purposely try to create or purchase center activities that will make learning fun.  I want them to be just as engaged if not more so while working at centers with their peers.

I must admit, my students like using the computer.  But, I find that they still want me to acknowledge their learning.  Although they may earn a medal or a congratulations, it is my thumbs up or verbal praise that they seek.

Honestly, that makes me so proud.  Computers may be entering our classrooms but it can not replace me.

Happy Teaching,


  1. You are so spot on about this push towards computers in every classroom. Though I love computers and my kiddos are on them every day as part of Reading and Math rotations, as your poster notes, nothing can replace a teacher! Kudos to you for trying it out and implementing it even though you were skeptical.


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