A New School Year: New Beginnings

We just completed our eighth day of school.  And, to be honest with you, I am exhausted.  You just simply forget how much goes into teaching; let alone teaching kindergarten.

This is one of my favorite bulletin boards.  (I hope to share more detailed pictures of my room later.)

We have been busy working on routines and procedures.  My class this year needs more direction so I am finding myself looking for new ways to effectively deal with classroom management and behavior.  First off, we are beginning our day with community circle.  During this time, we greet one another, share and work on creating our classroom community.  I am also using some Whole Brain Teaching Strategies to keep us focused.

Here are a few activities that we have used in our classroom; many are freebies.

1. We used beads and dry erase markers to write our names.  Find this excellent freebie here.
2. We read from our book boxes.  The book on the table is from my blog about school expectations.
3. We built number towers.
4. We love Pete the Cat!  We made these directed drawings from First Grade Blue Skies.

Overall, we've accomplished a lot in these last few days. 

Happy Teaching!


  1. Your bulletin board with the "masterpieces" is my favorite! I so love Pete the Cat after I finally read him last year! Why had I missed reading him for so long!

    First Grade Frame of Mind

  2. Do you have the self portrait template available as a download? I LOVE how they turned out!

    1. The template is from Mailbox. Sorry I am unable to share it.

  3. Also, where did you get the black frames for them? I've seen colored ones at Lakeshore, but I like the black ones much better! :)

    1. These are the same Lakeshore frames. I just turned them around and added black contact paper.
      I can easily switch back to the original if I want.

  4. Love the heading Masterpieces. Did you make/buy the letters? I would love to use it in my classroom!

    1. I made the letters. I used MTF Jumpin Jack font and enlarged it so that one letter would fit per page.


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