A Work of Heart

This past school year has been exhausting; physically and emotionally.  
Teaching Has NO On/Off Switch

Only a teacher or the family of a teacher can understand this. 
There is no way to not think about the student who has come to school for weeks without socks. Nor to feel as you have failed because you have students who are not yet reading.
This is what teachers do.  
Teaching is a Work of Heart 
As a teacher, I teach with my whole heart. Every year I fall in love with a group of students. I strive to give them the best of me every day, all day. It is hard work. I fail at times but I don't give up on myself or them. 

I teach wholeheartedly because we deserve it.  I have learned that as teachers we are the glue that holds the classroom together. 

Teaching is My Passion
Little did I know that when I became a teacher, I would do so so passionately. You are not taught that teaching will be more than what you see in the classroom. Teaching takes place along the way. It's the conversations you have with a former student. The lessons you plan late into the night or the professional reading that you do willingly. It's the little things that really are BIG things. Although, I am here enjoying summer vacation, I am also reflecting about what I could do to improve, how I can make my classroom more joyous and how I can keep myself just as passionate. 

Teaching is a work of heart. 

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