Using the Explore Tool with Young Learners

Have you tried the Explore Tool in Google Docs or Slides with your students?  If not, you must! What I like about it is that it is so easy to use; even a kindergartener can do it! 

This smart tool uses the content within your document to help determine the topic, related research and images as you Explore.  This allows young learners, like mine, to research and/or add images safely from within Google Docs or Slides. 

My students have used the Explore tool primarily to insert images. They type or use Voice Typing; another favorite, to create their document. Then, they simply click on the Explore icon and related images appear. My students find the one they like and press insert. The image is embedded into the document. 

Easy peasy. 

Integrating technology doesn't always have to be hard on you or your students with tools like Explore.

What are your favorite Google tech tools?

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