Our Owls

One thing about looping with your students is the opportunity to explore and learn about new things.  This month, we have been studying about nocturnal animals.  We began our unit with reading, Stellaluna.  We retold the story using a bat pattern.  We compared bats and birds similar to this from Mailbox.com.  Lastly, the students wrote facts about bats from our graphic organizer.  (I forgot to take pictures before returning the work.)

This week we have been studying about owls.  We read this wonderful owl book by Gail Gibbons.  The kids were fascinated by the names of the owls.  They loved the Elf Owl.  To help them understand the vocabulary word elf, I showed them a picture of a Keebler Elf

For art, the students created these wonderful looking owls using tear art. 
 Here are a few upclose.  I love the texture and detail that tear art creates. 

What I love about this project is that it meets the needs of all learners.  This picture below was created by one of my students who is mainstreamed into my classroom for part of the day. 

I think they look absolutely beautiful!  Tomorrow, we will finish this project with writing. 

Happy Learning and Teaching!


  1. These owls are so cute! Where did you find the owl pattern? I teach preschool and love tearing art...not only does it look cool, but since several of the kiddos can't cut with scissors yet it's less daunting for them and actually great for fine motor!

  2. Thanks, Emily for the compliment. I actually modified the pattern of the owl from a worksheet. The book it came from is Nocturnal Animals from Mailbox. I like tear art as well for the same reasons. I must admit, my three year old did this project too. He loved it and was proud of doing work mommy's kids did at school.


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