Sensory Table

I have had a large sensory table in my classroom since I moved to this school.  I've done nothing sensory related with it until now.  I must admit that it is a little daunting trying to think of what to do.  Fortunately, there are lots of wonderful resources out there, including this great blog.  I was inspired to give it a try in my classroom especially since I have several children who do need it. 

What I discovered is that I had all the materials in my classroom.  This activity cost me nothing!  As a teacher, you don't say that too often.  I had silk leaves I purchased from Target last year.  (Last year, I used them for making patterns and sorting). 

The small items, again, were finds from years past.  This is a finger puppet witch is from Party City and the sticky rats are from last year's Clearance section after Halloween. 

I added some directions to help my little ones know what to look for.  Honestly, I was hoping to get the word "find" taught in a fun way too.

Not bad, for my first sensory table.  Now, I have to start thinking for one to use in November.  I'll probably reuse much of the same things but perhaps add in some finger puppet turkeys and some small play food items.

It is amazing how I am still trying new things even after teaching over a decade!  I guess that's what I love about my job, there is always something new to learn!

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