Instead of doing the traditional pumpkin and Halloween activities, I decided to teach about skeletons.  My class loved it! First, we began by learning Macarena Bones by Dr. Jean.  I love her!   If you are not familiar with Dr. Jean, you must check out her site.  This is such a catchy jingle.  To help us learn the body parts, we labeled a skeleton like this one.  (This actually took two days.  We only have about 30 minutes for science and social studies three times a week.)

Then, we learned about our joints and their importance for movement.  I used the book below for our project.

Adorable Wearables Human Body: Reproducible Patterns for "Hear" Muffs, Vision Goggles, and Other Easy-to-Make Paper Projects That Kids Can Wear

The kids made an arm bones band.  They turned out so cute!  Sorry, that there are no pictures.  I was busy taping them together and didn't have time to take photos!  But I did take a few pictures of the worksheet we used from the above book. 

Finally, we made a skeleton using q-tips.  I was very impressed at their ability to listen to directions.   We will wrap up the unit by learning about our muscles and the importance of our organs.  What I love about this unit is that it can be done any time of the year!

Hope you'll give it a try in your classroom.

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  1. Love the ideas!! I really like the q-tip idea and plan to use it later in the year!


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