It's Christmas, David!

I know. We haven't even had Thanksgiving and I'm already blogging about Christmas.  But yesterday, I recieved my book order from Scholastic.  If you're like me, opening one of these boxes every month is like Christmas! I ordered several books with familiar characters but this David Shannon book is my favorite.  I admit, I read it to my class.  (We have next week off.) 

Here is one of my favorite pages.

As I read the book, it reminded me a lot of No, David!  Take a look for yourself.

I decided created a graphic organizer; a text to text comparison of No, David! and It's Christmas, David! to use with my class when we get back from break.  I thought you might like it too.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Yep, it worked. My kids LOVE the David books and will read them over and over in class. Thanks for sharing your great idea. Maybe I will use it with my class after the break.

  2. Glad it did! I will try to incorporate more.


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