Got Music?

Singing has always been a part of my classroom. One of my fondest memories was during my second year of teaching, when one of my students learned to read through song.

Singing can lift the heart, unite people together, and teach.

Here are a few of my favorites.
(Who doesn't love her?  Even my husband and son know a few of her songs!  :) )
Shake a Hand
Who Let the Letters Out! 
Macarena's Bones
The Water Cycle
Five Senses
Parts of a Flower

Favorites from this CD:     
Pepperoni Pizza
Syllable Clap
Happy Birthday Letters        
Slide and Blend
Lifetime Words
Karate Writing
Good Bye Friends

(They have been a part of my teaching since the beginning)
Rockin' Down the RoadYellow Submarine
Sunshine Medley
This Land Is Your Land
Rockin the USA

Love These!:
Kids In ActionThe Body Rock
Tummy Tango
Animal Action I and II
Show Me What You Feel

Top Picks:
Learning With Hip Hop (Today's Music Paired With Educational Lessons for Classrooms and Homes, Ages Pre-K - 5th)I Can Count to 100
Counting by 2s
Counting by 5s
Counting by 10s
Super E
Two Vowels Together
The Exercise Game #1, #2, and #3

10 Carrot DiamondFour Hugs a Day
I Wanna Be a Dog
I Am a Pizza
Looking for Dracula
Each Of Us is a Flower

Many of Charlotte Diamond's, Raffi's and other artists' songs have song cards which can be purchased here.  These cards are great and also come with a little book that you can copy for your class.

Want to incorporate technology with music?  See Kelly's Kindergarten for Powerpoints to many Dr. Jean and Jack Hartmann songs or Harry's Kindergarten for awesome videos!

I know I forgot many other favorites such as Jose Luis Orozco, Raffi, and many country music artisits.  But, that means, there will be more on music soon!

What's on your must have CDs?  I'm always on the lookout for great CDs that I can use many, many, songs.  Leave your comments.  I LOVE them!

Happy Learning and Teaching!

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  1. I love using music, too! I see that you and I have lots of favorites in common! One of my other favorites is Jack Hartmann's Rhythms and Rhymes for Special Times. It has a song for each month and holiday. He also has a math CD that I love for counting by 5s and 2s, as well as some good money songs. (I'm sorry I can't remember the title!) I'm your newest follower! :)


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