Linky Party - A Few (Non-Teacher Related) Things About Me Pickles is having a Linky Party.  I loved her posts about Daily 5 and math.

A Few Things About Me:

  1. I am a mother to an almost 4 year old.  He is super excited about his birthday party. It's Star Wars inspired. And, if he is upset with me, he "un"invites me to his party.  
  2. I love Clearance shopping!  It's one of my favorites places to look for "stuff." :)
  3. My favorite color as a child was red.  Today, it also includes black, lime green and pink.
  4. I'm a morning person.  I can't sleep in past 7 a.m.  Sad, but true.   
  5. I LOVE books!  Our home is filled with all types; but mostly cookbooks (my husband's obsession) and teacher professional books (my obsession).
  6.  I'm just an ordinary girl who believes that extraordinary things can happen if you make them happen!  I totally believe in happily ever after.  But I realize, I am responsible for making it that way.  :)
Thanks for letting me share a little bit about me!  Don't forget to join the party!

Happy Learning and Teaching!

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  1. yay! thanks for playing along! I also love clearance shopping! I love when I get a good find and can brag about it! :)



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