Math Work Stations Chapter 5

Using Literature To Teach Math
Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Big Book

As I read this week's chapter, I could not help but to think about how children need to practice the concepts of addition and subtraction through hands-on activities. Music and familiar stories came to mind.
Here are two ideas you may want to use in your classroom.

I created this to go along with the Five Little Monkeys series. Any of the books will do.  I imagine my students acting out the story at the big book center early in the year but later working in a math tub writing math problems with a partner.  One of my favorite math routines is to listen to this song by CJ - FUNdamentals CD.   This rhythmic song really gets the kids moving!

There Were Ten in the Bed (Big Book) (Sing and Read Storybook)Another favorite story that children love is There Were 10 in the Bed.  Usually, I have enough dog stuffed animals to have the children act it out as they read the big book.

As I was thinking, I feel like I don't have enough literature to teach addition using story.  Do you have any suggestions? Leave a comment and let me know what you use.

Happy Teaching and Learning!

Please note:  As of 8/20/2011, these are no longer freebies.  The artwork can only be used for items that are purchased.  


  1. Dr. Jean has tons of music for math and my class can't get enough of it. She even has a zero the hero song.
    She is the keynote speaker in Vegas!
    Come with me to the I Teach K conference in July.
    One book I love is Ten Black Dots and
    100 Angry Ants, and 12 ways to get to 11.
    There are so many...

  2. Here are some titles I use:
    One Duck Stuck
    Ten Flashing Fireflies
    10 for Dinner
    The Napping House
    How Many Feet in the Bed
    Mouse Count
    12 Ways to Get to Eleven
    Quack and Count
    Six Dinner Sid
    Ten Sly Piranhas
    Rooster's Off to See the World Double the Ducks
    Domino Addition
    Counting Crocodiles
    Fish Eyes
    Mission Addition...I could go on and on....can you tell I love math and literature.
    Ms. A

  3. I love Stuart Murphy books about math topics. A great addition strategies book is "Mall Mania". This book is great for more advanced K or 1st learners. The story line is that the 100th person to enter Parkside Mall would get lots of gifts. Students could keep tract of how many people are in the mall by using base 10 blocks and trading for tens when needed. Lastly, they could stack the "tens sticks" on top of a hundred block so they could see when they have reached 100. Or a student could use a calculator to keep a running total toward 100 also.

  4. I have lots of math literature links on my website at www.lindaslearninglinks. On my blog I have posted several math literature connections you might want to check out.

  5. I also use the Napping House but I save it for later in the year. I read the story to them and I tell them to listen carefully for details. Then I break them up into groups of 5 or 6. I give them a big sheet of craft paper and tell them to count how many legs were in the story. So they have to 1)Work together to remember the story 2)Figure out how many legs each character has (tough when they get to the flea!) and 3)Add up all the numbers. Then I have the group leader present their work to the rest of the class and explain their thinking, drawings, etc. In all the years I've done this, only once has a group remembered to count the legs on the bed too! It's a fun activity for linking math to literature.


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