On Safari to Africa

Each year, our school hosts a multicultural fair.  During the fair, students "travel" around the world, learning about a particular place.  For the past month, my students have learned about the animals, people, culture and stories of Africa.

 We're on Safari!  Inspired by this awesome blog, I created this jeep.  
The kids  and I love it!  
 My special ed students made these animals from Deanna Jump's zoo unit.  
 I worked with them on writing a simple sentence.  
Whereas, my other students read and researched native animals.  
They kept their information stored in their Safari Journal.
We created these beautiful African masks.  
The masks are made out of chipboard which they painted to look like wood.  
I helped them to cut out the shapes for the mouth, nose, and eyes.  
The students added details.  It was very labor intensive but well worth it.  
 During the multicultural fair, students "visit" to learn about the country.  
We performed two Reader's Theatre plays based on African Tales; 
The Royal Drum and Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain.
The culmination will take place this Friday with a school wide performance based on that grades' learning.  We will perform 3 African songs and a dance.  It will be a fitting ending to a long unit of study.

Happy Teaching and Learning!


  1. Wow. Love the Jeep! Our school theme next year will be Global Missions. Each grade level was given a continent. Each class on the grade level will choose a country. We will end our year with a multi-cultural fair.

  2. Could you explain a little bit more about how the multicultural fair works. It sounds very interesting. My understanding is that each class studies a certain country( for how long?) and then at the end you all come together as a school and each class performs in some way having to do with what they learned? Do you have the parents involved and do the students visit each others classes?
    Love to hear more about it:)

  3. OMG!! Too cute!!! ♥ the jeep!!! That's awesome! You are so clever!!!;)
    Little Warriors

  4. So creative! I bet your students loved it! TMrs. Wills Kindergartenhank you for sharing!


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