Hello, Friends!

I'm back from vacation!  We spent a wonderful two weeks in the Northwoods of Wisconsin at the cottage which my husband's family built over 50 years ago.  I enjoyed every minute of our trip.  The hardest thing to overcome was no internet.

During my vacation, I learned something new about myself.  I discovered that I'm a lot more country than I thought.  I loved raspberry picking, canning, and pole fishing.  I loved the simplicity that this part of the country offers.  We all shed a few tears as we said goodbye but it's nice to know that we can return next summer and many summers after that.

Here are a few of my favorite photos.

Happy Teaching and Learning!


  1. Gorgeous! I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed time away from the computer. Right now I feel a bit addicted (trying to decide if I should begin my own blog) and it is a good reminder that the world has so much to offer. Nature, friends, books etc...

    Welcome Back!

  2. YAY - you DID get back to WI! When I go to my family farm up there, I have can find like one WiFi spot on the front porch if I sit VERY, VERY still - it's actually nice to break away from cyberspace to enjoy the wide-opened space in the great outdoors! Welcome back to Linky Land.


  3. We so could have met up on your journey back from the north woods! I am in Wisconsin.


  4. Looks lovely.....almost like my parents cabin. I didn't get there this summer I am hoping to get there for Thanksgiving. But you are right.....no internet is rough.
    :) Sue

  5. My great grandparents, grandparents and now my parents own land on a lake in Northern WI the land was bought in the 40's, my parents tore down the old house and put up a new one 20 years ago. My children go with us and now next year hopefully my grandchildren, wow! Our house is on Crystal Lake in Iron River WI, 30 miles east of Superior. We spent 2 weeks in July, and now we are sweating it out in AZ, parent pick up was 110 today at 3:30. Where do you go? Debi


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