Teacher Talk Tuesday

It's still Tuesday, here in CA.
So, here it goes....
Teacher Talk Tuesday!

My Advice for Teachers (new or not so new to teaching)

Be yourself.  
  • Kids will see right through you when they know you are not "into it."
Create a safe place for children to learn. 
  • School may be the only safe place that child has in their life. As a child, I loved school.  It was my "safe haven" from a sometimes confusing home life.  
Love your students. 
  • See the good in each of your students.  If you don't, they won't either.
  • Everyone needs to know that they are loved.  Show them but also tell them.  
Allow for mistakes.
  • Learning is all about making mistakes.  No one is perfect.   Everyone, including me, makes mistakes.  Learning from our mistakes is what really matters.
Love learning.
  • Education is always reinventing itself.  Keep up with it on your own or through organizations, professional learning communities.  (Does blogging and blog hopping count?)
Less is more.
  • Teaching is an exhausting profession.  Make time for yourself, family and other interests. My first year, I was in my classroom every weekend.  I was also sick all the time.  Over the years, I've learned to tackle one new thing instead of trying to tackle it all. 
Love what you do.
  • You deserve to love your job and so do the children we teach.  They deserve the best from us.  They are the future.  Let's give them the best.

Have a great school year! Let's make the best of it!

Happy Learning and Teaching!


  1. Love it! Thanks for the comment on our blog. I need to remember the "less is more" advice....sigh, why is that one so hard?!

  2. School was my safe haven as a child too, I truly believe that was why I called to be a teacher. I teach in an at-risk school, and I try to make sure my babies know that I love and believe in them everyday! 1st grader teacher in Missouri.


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