1 in 88

That is the number of children in the United States that will be diagnosed with autism. Did you know that this statistic rises drastically to 1 in 54 in boys?  Go here to learn more.

As educators, we may have children in our classroom who have autism.  Sometimes, our students do not understand why their classmate behaves so differently.  Here are few resources that I used to teach myself, help my student with autism and to help my class; all with the hope of teaching acceptance of others. 

 I do not claim to be an expert on this subject.  I understand that all children are different. 

I am hoping that you will help me raise awareness. April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. On this day, you can wear blue or if you choose use the image below to post onto your blog or blog sidebar.   
Together, we can raise awareness.


  1. Thanks Sylvia - I'm going to grab the button and use it in tomorrow's post. I recently saw Temple Grandin speak and it strengthened my resolve to better understand the blessings and burdens that those friends face.

    Have a super Sunday!


  2. Oh thank you for sharing this; one of my best friends has a child with autism and I agree more awareness is needed!

  3. I love your post! Thank you for the resources and the button! My 17 year old son has Aspergers and although he is a love, it is a constant struggle! I really fight for services in our system. I also have these children in my class every year. This year an autistic child with a shadow - he is doing great! Awareness is most important! :)

  4. Thanks for the great button! I can't wait to share it on my blog.
    My blog is dedicated to teaching elementary students with special needs, especially autism.

    I'd love for you to swing by and check it out!


  5. Thank you for spreading awareness. I just heard about this from Barbara G. Please check out my link party. I would love for you to join us! Maria


  6. Thanks for these great selections. I have a two friends that have children with autism.


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