Common Core Math Kindergarten Style

Math Storage

Keeping math organized has been one of my goals this year.  To help me, I try to house all our math learning tools in one place.  Some items are kept on the shelf for easy access.  These are manipulatives which we use often.  The colored boxes; scrapbook containers, house manipulatives which I have a bulk of such as linker cubes and tangrams.  The numbered boxes are our Math Work Stations.  

A Peek into Our Learning

This year, my teaching of math has shifted towards the Common Core.  As a result, our work during math time differs greatly than in the past. 

The Santa Count and Scoop center works on counting teen numbers and learning about the Base Ten system.  In the past, we would still be working on counting from 0 to 10 at this time of the year.  

Another major shift is introducing addition and subtraction much earlier than before but with a greater emphasis on thinking about number and number relationships.  We have been working on number bonds for the past few months.  I love to use the red and yellow counters for this.  A simple game we play is "Shake and Count."  I give them a set number of counters and they just shake and count how many red and how many yellow.  We, then, record, the different ways to make the given number. In November, we worked on making 5 using turkey feathers.  

This month, we are using Christmas trees to show number bonds which we decorate with red and yellow ornaments.  Grab a copy here.   Santa's Sleigh Drop is from Mel at Frog Spot.  The center focuses on subtraction.  The kids select a card and then, problem solve using counters as presents.  They are doing great with this.  I have never taught subtraction this early but through hands-on learning they are learning about this concept using a timely subject matter which piques their interest. 

And, just in case you missed it, I posted this on my Facebook page.  
Our new book box.  Formally known as a Kleenex box.

Isn't this what teaching is all about?  
Finding meaning and purpose in all we do.

Happy Teaching!
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  1. Great post (as always). Tackling my math station organization is on my to-do list for December. . .thanks for the inspiration.

    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

  2. Great post...I need to do a better job with K this year and Math Stations! It is so hard to change! lol
    First Grade Blue SKies

  3. I agree! While I've adapted to many of the changes in math this year, I just haven't gotten those stations up and running (as much as I'd like to).
    Where did you find the cute little Santa Scoop and COunt? I'd love to grab a copy for holiday math.

  4. Love the santa scoop and count! Where can I grab a copyu?


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