It's November!

November is finally upon us.

Here are a few books that I hope to read throughout the month.

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I love to teach nutrition this month since Thanksgiving centers around food and family. We launched the unit by going to our local grocery store.  The kids toured the store, met many workers from various departments, and took home a bag of donated groceries.

Our team is planning a Thanksgiving feast.  We will sing It's November to our families.  I hope to teach my students the story of Thanksgiving using this retelling bracelet.  I did this a few years ago with my first graders.  That year, we feasted on more traditional foods of the first Thanksgiving.  

Some new additions, I hope to accomplish this November will center on the upcoming election and I hope to make Stone Soup and bake bread with my class.  I've been busy planning these ideas; well, at least virtually, pinning.  To see more, follow my Pinterest board

Many of these ideas were from earlier posts. Thus,

Happy Teaching.

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