The Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft

Spring is in the air!  I created this Very Hungry Caterpillar craft to go along with our study of insects.  

To make, you'll need:
a precut leaf
3 2"x7" lime green construction paper
1 2"x7" red construction paper
1 small post it for eyes
purple scraps for antennae

First, fold the post it in half and draw an oval.  Cut.  (Cutting the oval eyes was difficult for some.)  Finish the eyes with green marker.   Next, glue eyes onto the red strip.  Make the mouth.  Last, loop the red together.  Do the same with the green strips.  Carefully, glue onto the leaf.  Make antennae and glue behind red loop. Hole punch around the leaf to complete the project.

Happy Teaching!
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