A New Beginning

I just love that as teachers we have many opportunities for new beginnings; or clean slates.  It always seems that after Winter Break something magical seems to happen to kindergarteners.  They have a better understanding of school and are ready for the next phase in learning.

Months ago, I purchased this craftivity from All Students Can Shine knowing that I would use it to help us set our learning goals.

To begin, we read Squirrel's New Year's Resolution.  We learned about resolutions and come up with a definition for this word based on the book.

Then, we looked at our ESGI data.  I showed the class our data for language arts and math.  But they wanted to know more. They asked if they could see their own data. So, I showed them each their data. As I did, we talked about the areas which we all excelled and those which were important for our overall learning success.  As we had this discussion, I could tell that some students were beginning to understand the impact learning has.

I met with each student individually to talk about their resolutions.  Each child was honest and did an excellent job of selecting a resolution that reflected what they needed the most to be successful in the classroom.  We talked about how we could each support one another to help make their resolution a success.

I love this bulletin board and plan to keep it up for the remainder of the year. Why? Because it will serve as a reminder of our learning goals.

What does your class do to reflect upon their learning?

Happy Teaching!

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  1. Sweet! We missed the entire first week back, due to snow. Jan.13 will be our first day together since Dec. 19. I'm thinking of using our Martin Luther King lesson to also focus on goals for community.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  2. Your board is SO cute!!! I love it. As a kid I loved to swing, so maybe I'm a bit biased. : ) I hope you had a good week back from the break.
    ~Lucy at Kids Math Teacher

  3. LOVE this board ... and like Lucy, I used to love to swing! We had a swing hanging from a beam in our hay loft and I'd sneak away from chores sometimes to just pump my hardest and swing to the rafters! What a fun memory.


  4. I bought this packet a while ago, thanks for sharing this fun idea! :)


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