Five for Friday - MLK Edition

Although, it was a short week, I was able to fit in many lessons that celebrated our diversity while learning about Martin Luther King, Jr.

This theme has a particular soft spot in my heart.  I always share with my students how my mother was a victim of segregation.  As a migrant worker, she often faced many challenges in the fields and in the classroom.

We began our learning with a simple investigation of eggs.  I used this freebie as my guide.

I asked my kids their opinion about the brown eggs and it was amazing how they thought it would be different.  None had eaten a brown egg before.  So, we scrambled some up for a snack.  

This was a great starting point to learning that we are all different on the outside but the same on the inside.

We made these MLK portraits inspired by TLC Lessons.   I have used her art lessons for many years and highly recommend them.

Learning with Mrs. Parker

Our language arts program had recipe writing as our writing this week.  So, I choose to do Friendship Salad.  I like to do this recipe later in the year rather than the first week of school for many reasons.  By now, we really know each other and this is just a good time to reinforce teamwork and working together.  In kindergarten, they understand it better now.

I love how this spot in our classroom turned out.  It is a collection of all our learning this week.  I used portions of this unit as part of my teaching and learning.  

Here is an up close look at a piece of the writing.  I love kid art!  

Lastly, here is the quick sign I made to remind students not to yell my name as I was testing students on their weekly fluency test. 

No, Mrs. Parker.  

Happy Teaching and Learning!
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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the MLK was, changed, dreamed tree map! I never thought of doing that before (I really love the can,have, are anchor charts)! I can't wait to do it next year. We also did MLK last week. My kids loved it!

    Mr. Gibbs' Colorful Circus

  2. I love everything about all of your lessons, especially the eggs! Love this and will be adapting it for middle schooler. Found you on the linky, newest follower!
    This Old Art Room


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