Life Changers - Autism Awareness

As teachers, we are used to teaching all sorts of children.  But nothing really prepares us for those children who will affect who you are forever.

Well, it happened to me four years ago when I was the inclusion classroom to 3 special needs children. One of the children, N. was autistic.  That year, I learned about the token system, My Turn/Your Turn, sensory input, diet, etc.  I saw my students care and nurture him.  My students could tell when he needed a break or should get a reward.  It was a magical year.  One that I will always cherish.

He changed my life as a teacher and mother forever.  I am a better person because he entered my life.  He taught me patience, acceptance, perseverance, and most of all to love unconditionally.

Since then, Autism Awareness month means much more to me.  So when Nikki of Melonheadz Illustrating fulfilled my request of a clip art for Autism Awareness month, I was in awe.  I asked for an image to upload on the sidebar of my blog.  Instead, she created an entire set of images!
Please stop by her blog to "get" this beautiful set.

I think Temple Gardin sums it up best; with these two quotes:
"Different. Not Less"
"I can not emphasize enough the importance of a good teacher."

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