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Have you heard of Plickers? Plickers is a free teacher created app that uses an internet connected mobile device and a student's unique Plicker card.  Teachers create questions.  Students use their Plicker card to select an answer and hold it up as the teacher scans the cards using an iPad or smartphone.  Data is reported and collected instantly!

Assessing with Plickers is a great alternative to traditional means of data collecting.

I used Plickers to create a formative assessment about American symbols.  The questions I asked my students were created to help inform my instruction.  We took this as a pre-test and will take it again at the conclusion of our unit.

Here is a sample.

What I like about it is that I can ask all or a group of my students questions.  Since their Plicker cards are unique, students are less apt to "copy" each other.  Students also love the fact that technology is incorporated.

To learn more about Plickers, this video was very helpful.

Teaching American symbols is one of my favorite units.  Read more about our writing and craft ideas from these previous posts.

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  1. Mrs. Parker,
    Thanks for sharing this...I am definitely going to try it with my class! Melissa


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