Creating a Hyperlink to Use In Google Classroom

Hyperlinks. What are they? And, why would you use them in the classroom? More specifically with Google Classroom.  

A hyperlink, more commonly known as link, is a word, phrase or image that you click on that takes you to another site or document.  

I have been using hyperlinks with my kindergarten students for several reasons.  First of all, this is one way to deliver content to my students that does not involve me.  Students are able to learn using 21st century skills; collaborating with a peer or group while using digital tools.  Students have as much time as they need when the assignment is given via a platform such as Google Classroom.  I am a facilitator rather than the person delivering knowledge. Students are given full responsibility of their learning.

Creating a hyperlink is easy.  I like using Google Slides but any #GAFE tool would work.  First, I create a directions page and embed the link usually on an image like seen below.  To do this, you would highlight the word or image and go to Insert link. 

Easy peasy.  

When students access their document via Google Classroom, they would see the directions page first. By using a simple icon and the words Click Here, students know instantly what to do. When students click on the hyperlink, the link will appear on the bottom as shown. Students click the blue linked line and are "taken" to the site that you directed them to.  

The possibilities are endless.  

Would you like to see what the document looks like?  Click here for a sample of how you could use Brain Pop Jr. to introduce US symbols.  

Have you tried using hyperlinks with your students?  I would be fascinated to see what you are doing with your students. 

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