Groundhog Day Books and a Freebie

Groundhog Day is almost here! This is such a fun day for exploring our shadows.  Over the years, I have collected some great books that I love to read aloud or add to our listening center.

My all time favorite read aloud is Ten Grouchy Groundhogs.  I purchased the audio version years ago from Scholastic and it is always a big hit in our classroom.  It is so cute to hear my students chanting along with the story.
We usually begin subtraction during this month so this title lends itself naturally to learning how to subtract.   
This Grouchy Groundhog Freebie can be used while you read the story or it can be used by students to create their own subtraction sentence.  
Have a great Groundhog Day! Here's to an early spring!

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  1. I've never heard of Ten Grouchy Groundhogs. Thanks for the heads up and cute freebie!


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