Guided Drawing of Ruby Bridges Plus a Technology Twist

If you read my last blog post, you know how I feel about the gift of education.
Ruby Bridges was one of many brave children who paved the way to end segregation in schools. I believe that my students can identify with Ruby Bridges due in part to her age when her parents responded to a request from the NAACP and volunteered to her integrate within the New Orleans school system.
This year, I plan to try something new when teaching about Ruby Bridges. My students do so well with guided drawing that I have decided to create a guided drawing of Ruby Bridges.
Usually guided drawing lessons take about 30-45 minutes.  I give step by step directions and monitor students as we go along.  I like my students to draw in pencil (no erasers).  Afterwards, they use a black marker to go over their pencil markers.  Finally, they color. For this lesson, students will make her bow out of construction paper and glue on after they have completed coloring the entire project.
Here is a video giving you step by step directions of how to draw Ruby Bridges.  
(My videographer was my 8 year old son so please excuse some of the shaking.) 

You could do the exact same lesson with your students using their iPads if you are 1-1.  Students would open a drawing app; I used Sketchbook and follow along as you gave them directions.  Once completed, they would save it to their camera roll.  Then, they could upload it to Seesaw and either add text or record their learning.  

 Please share with me if you use this in your classroom. I would love to see what your students create.

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